One / America

Before leaving NYC, I took a road trip alone for three months, across 38 states, hoping to get a sense of rural America. I avoid the interstate but country roads to see the small towns that were largely unfamiliar and anonymous to me. 

Inner / City

I was living with a person with bipolar disorder for a year when I first moved to NYC. I felt alone, isolated and helpless even at home. Consciously and perhaps unconsciously, I went outside to seek peace, solace and equivalence inside. 


Broadly speaking, “One/America” and “Inner/City” belong to two different genres: road trip photography and cityscape photography. During the editorial process, I sought out common ground between the two series that would conceptually unify them.

Compared to citizens living in the U.S., I was a temporary foreign resident. This identity consciousness lingered throughout my journey and photographic practice, which influences how I see, what I feel and my relationship with the environment of America.